How do I unlock my Loqbox Save?

You can unlock your Loqbox Save at any time, just:

  1. Log in
  2. Click on 'Save' at the top of the screen
  3. Click on 'Settings'
  4. Click on 'Unlock your LOQBOX Save'

If you haven’t made any payments yet, your Loqbox Save will be cancelled and there’s nothing more for you to do. 

If you have made payments, you’ll be asked to open a new account to pay your Loqbox savings into. 

Choose from a list of options and follow the link to set up your account, then return to Loqbox Save and enter the new sort code and account number. We’ll match these with the partner bank and transfer all your savings.

If you’d prefer not to open a new account, you can pay £30 to unlock your savings into an existing account using our Flexi Unlock premium add-on.

Please make sure you enter your details carefully to avoid any issues with us making the payment to you.

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