What do I get from my membership?

Our all-in-one membership plan helps you to get the most out of LOQBOX, including access to LOQBOX Rent, LOQBOX Spend and our Points Promise. 

LOQBOX membership includes:

LOQBOX Save — build your credit score while you save.

LOQBOX Rent — boost your borrowing power with your regular rent payments.

LOQBOX Spend — grow your credit score with an interest-free credit account.

Flexi Unlock — unlock your savings into an existing bank account for free after 26 weeks of full membership (usually £30)*.

Points Promise — boost your credit score every year or we’ll give you £25. In addition, in your first year, we’ll increase that to a 25 point score improvement!**.

LOQBOX Coach — master your money with a free personalised financial plan.

LOQBOX Learn — receive our award-winning LOQBOX Learn email series.

Priority Support — our member support team is on hand 6 days a week from 8am to 8pm.

What’s LOQBOX Lite?

As a LOQBOX Lite member, you get a LOQBOX Save account and the option to transfer your savings into a new bank account for free. If you’d prefer to unlock into an existing account, you can use our Flexi Unlock add-on for £30. 

You’ll also receive handy money tips and financial advice with our award-winning LOQBOX Learn email series.

*Once you have made 26 LOQBOX membership weekly payments you unlock 1 x Flexi Unlock. You unlock an extra Flexi Unlock for every 26 payments made. Once earned, you keep this benefit even if you drop to LOQBOX Lite. Flexi Unlock normally costs £30.

**52 consecutive full membership payments. Missing payments and moving tiers resets the 52-week counter. Promotional first-year bonus applies to your first points promise event only.