Can I change my membership?

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your membership at any time. 

Remember, if you downgrade, you’ll lose access to most of your benefits like Loqbox Rent, Loqbox Grow and our Points Promise.

How to upgrade or downgrade your membership

  1. Log in
  2. Head to the ‘Account’ section 
  3. Click ‘Membership’
  4. Scroll down to ‘Manage membership’
  5. Choose the plan that’s best for you

When you upgrade your membership, we’ll collect the difference between the cost of your current plan and the cost of the plan you’ve upgraded to. For example, if you upgrade from Plus (£1 a week) to full Loqbox (£2.50 a week), we immediately collect the difference (£1.50). This means you can start enjoying your new benefits straight away.

We’ll continue to take your membership payments on your usual payment day. For example, if you’re paying for your Plus membership every Wednesday, and then you upgrade to a Loqbox membership on a Monday, we’ll collect the £1.50 difference immediately, then collect your future payments at the new amount of £2.50 on Wednesdays.

After downgrading, you’ll have access to your existing benefits for the rest of that week’s membership. For example, if you made your last membership payment on a Wednesday, you’ll keep your benefits until Tuesday.

This does not apply to Classic Members.

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