Can I retry my missed membership payment?

Yes, you can make your missed payment up until your next weekly payment is due. We'll also retry the payment on days two, four and six.

To retry your payment: 

  1. Log in
  2. You will see an alert at the top of the ‘All products’ page with a link to retry the payment
  3. Follow those steps to retry your payment

Once you’ve settled a missed payment, we’ll backdate your member benefits for that week. This means you don’t miss out or lose any progress you’ve made towards your Points Promise or Flexi Unlock.  

If you’re unable to settle a missed payment, your membership benefits will remain limited to the Loqbox Lite plan. Also, any progress you’ve made towards your Flexi Unlock or Points Promise will be reset.

This does not apply to Classic Members.

Not sure if you’re a full Loqbox member? Here’s how to find out.

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