How do I claim my membership Points Promise?

If you have made 52 membership payments and have had an active credit builder (either Spend or Save) for those 52 weeks and your credit score did not increase, you will be eligible to claim your membership Point Promise. 

To claim your membership Point Promise, simply get in touch with our customer support team. They’ll just need a copy of your current credit report to show what your credit score is now, a screenshot of what your credit score was when you started LOQBOX as well as your payment history for all accounts on your report for the past 52 weeks.

It’s important to take a screenshot of your credit score when you first sign up. This will help you complete your personalised financial plan too.

For Save, ‘active’ means that you have not had any payments that have been overdue. For Spend, ‘active’ means that you have completed the sign up for Spend. Each time you either miss a membership payment, downgrade to a Standard membership plan or had a credit builder (Save or Spend) not be active then you reset your Points Promise benefit and have to start over.
If you are a Classic member, your Points Promise works slightly differently. You can find more information here.

Not sure if you’re a Plus, Premium, Standard or Classic member? Here’s how to find out.

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