What happens when I’ve made all 12 Loqbox Save payments?

Once you have made all 12 payments, we'll let you know that your savings are ready to be redeemed. You can then log in and choose how to do this. There are two options.

1. The free option: unlock your savings into a new bank account with one of our trusted partners. They pay us, keeping Loqbox Save free for you.

  • You get a new UK bank account
  • The new account setup takes as little as five minutes and has no impact on your existing bank account
  • You pay nothing to unlock, so Loqbox Save is free for you to use

2. The premium option: unlock your savings into your existing account. You pay £30.

  • You put your savings in an existing bank account
  • There is no new account setup
  • Pay £30 to unlock
With both options, you’ll typically get your money one working day after redeeming your savings.

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