What happens when I’ve made all 12 Loqbox Save payments?

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When you've successfully made all 12 payments, we'll send you a heads-up that your savings are ready to be ‘unlocked’. This is the exciting moment you've been building towards – well done! 


You'll then have the freedom to log in and make your choice from three simple options:


1. The Free Option

Unlock your savings into a new bank account with one of our trusted partners. They’ll show us some appreciation by paying us a commission, which keeps Loqbox Save completely free for you to use:


✔ You get a new UK bank account

✔ The new account setup takes as little as five minutes and has no impact on your existing bank account

✔ You pay nothing to unlock, so Loqbox Save is free for you to use


2. The Premium Option

Unlock your savings into your existing account. A £30 fee covers the cost of your credit-building journey:


✔ You withdraw your savings in your existing bank account

✔ There is no new bank account setup

3. Full Member Option

There’s another option to unlock your savings into an existing bank account. As a Full member, you get a free Flexi Unlock after you've made 26 weekly membership payments, or available immediately if you pay for your membership annually.


Whichever path you choose, your money is usually in your hands after just one working day from the moment you decide to redeem your savings.


We're thrilled to be a part of your financial journey, ready to make this experience smooth and rewarding. Are you ready to take the next step? Let's begin together!