Is Loqbox Save really free?

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Absolutely, if you're excited about moving your Loqbox savings to a fresh account with one of our partner banks, then that's a big thumbs-up from us!


We've found that many smart savers feel more comfortable keeping their savings away from their daily expenses. It's like a little secret stash that's off-limits, and it can be a real game-changer for your savings habit. That's why we suggest directing your Loqbox savings into a dedicated savings account.


Now, let's talk about the behind-the-scenes magic that makes it free to use. When you unlock your savings, our partner banks give us a little commission to say thank-you for helping you set up your new account, and that commission offsets the cost of your credit-building journey with us. And that means we can keep Loqbox Save totally free for you. 


 If you'd rather go with the ‘Flexi Unlock’ premium add-on, you can unlock your funds into your existing bank or building society account for a small £30 fee. Alternatively, if you're a Full member, you'll get a free Flexi Unlock after you've made 26 membership payments, or immediately if you pay annually.


The choice is all yours, and we're here to make it work whatever you prefer. We're all about convenience and putting you in the driver's seat of your financial journey. Ready to take the next step? We're here with you all the way!