Why can’t I unlock my savings into an existing account for free?

  • Updated

When you choose to ‘unlock’ your savings and transfer them into a new bank account, our banking partners show their appreciation by supporting us. This collaboration allows us to offer Loqbox Save to you absolutely free! Once your hard-earned savings make it to your account, they're yours to manage and use as you please. We're here to cheer you on whether you decide to withdraw or continue your savings journey with us.


Loqbox Save typically raises credit scores by an  average of 145 points in the first year so we do encourage you to continue saving and boosting that credit score!

If the idea of ‘unlocking’ into an existing account is more your style, our ‘Flexi Unlock’ add-on has got you covered. But since this method doesn't involve our partner banks, we do have a small fee of £30 which pays for your full credit building journey.