What is Loqbox Grow?

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Allow me to introduce you to our credit-boosting powerhouse, Loqbox Grow. It's designed to boost your credit score growth and deliver results in quick time. When you kickstart a Full Loqbox membership, the magic of Loqbox Grow comes to life, working in harmony with your goals. 


Here's how it works: Loqbox Grow gives you a handy £500 line of credit. You can use this credit to cover expenses like your Loqbox membership fees or any additional features you add to your Loqbox Grow account. The beauty lies in the simplicity — at the end of each month (for those on a weekly membership), you settle any outstanding balance using your registered debit card.


Now, here's where the real credit-building magic unfolds. By having this fresh credit account and responsibly managing your usage, you're actually lowering your credit utilisation rate. In simple terms, you're increasing your available credit while using only a small fraction of it. This shows lenders your knack for handling credit responsibly.

We make sure to report this positive financial behaviour to the UK’s three main credit reference agencies to build your credit history (and in turn, your credit score). And guess what? Our members have experienced an impressive average credit score improvement of 125 points within the first six months of embracing Loqbox Grow!