How do I sign up for Loqbox Grow?

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It’s automatically activated when you start a Full Loqbox membership:

Because we know that Loqbox Grow is our quickest route to a boosted credit score, we made it as simple as possible for our members to get a hold of. With an impressive average point increase of 125 points within the first six months, as soon as you dive into a Full Loqbox membership, your Loqbox Grow account is automatically activated. 


Full membership unlocks a world of benefits:

On average, our Full Loqbox members are not only building savings pots of around £528 annually and they're also supercharging their credit scores with potential gains of up to 300 points in just three months. And that's not all – a whopping 80% of our Full members report feeling more knowledgeable, motivated, and confident about their financial journey. This boost in confidence often propels them towards achieving the financial goals that truly matter.


Lite members can upgrade with ease:

Already a Lite member and intrigued by the benefits of Loqbox Grow? Upgrading is a breeze. Simply log in to your account and navigate to the upgrade option <>. But wait, there's an added bonus! Upgrading to the Full membership plan gives you immediate  access to Loqbox Rent, Priority Support, and our Points Promise. It's a comprehensive package to elevate your financial journey.


Your path towards living a richer life is our priority. We're here to ensure it's seamless, impactful, and rewarding. Ready to embark on this exciting credit-building adventure? Let's get started on your journey towards a brighter financial future.