My Loqbox Grow is overdue. What should I do?

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If you know you've got an outstanding payment due on your Loqbox Grow account, it's important to try to clear it as quickly as possible. Acting swiftly is in your best interest, because any overdue payments must be reported to credit reference agencies. It's worth noting that missed payments can potentially cast a shadow on your credit score (and we don’t want that for you!).


We’ll be in touch if you’ve fallen behind but making payments manually is hassle-free. Log in and you’ll be prompted to make a payment via your debit card.


A friendly reminder

When your Loqbox Grow account becomes overdue, there are a few things to be aware of. Firstly, it temporarily puts a pause on any further membership payments we can collect. Additionally, certain features within your Loqbox account might experience limitations. Rest assured, we're here to support you through this situation and help you get back on track.


If you find yourself facing challenges in making the payment, don't hesitate to reach out. Our dedicated Member Support team is here to assist. Just drop us a line at or use the ‘Help’ button below, and we'll be happy to help.