What will be added to my credit file?

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When you set off on your membership journey with Loqbox Grow, here's what you can expect to see added to your credit file:


1. Opening the Loqbox Grow Account: 

At the start of your membership, Loqbox Finance will establish a new credit account in your name, setting the stage for credit reporting.


2. Regular reporting to the credit reference agencies:

We diligently report to Experian, Equifax and TransUnion, giving them the details of your Loqbox Grow account, including your credit balance, your credit limit, and the status of your payments.


Loqbox Grow isn't just a tool – it puts your financial future in motion. The average credit score increase of 125 points within just six months shows its strength. This boost to your credit history opens doors for you to reach your financial aspirations faster than ever before. It's no wonder that Loqbox Grow stands as our most powerful credit-building tool.


Keep in mind that it may take up to three months for your Loqbox Grow account to be on your credit file. This waiting period is a part of the process, and rest assured, your credit journey is well underway.