How do I close my Loqbox Grow account?

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We respect your decision and closing your Loqbox Grow account is possible if your payments are up to date. But there are key points to consider:


Benefits take time
Loqbox Grow's credit-boosting effects develop over months. Closing the account halts this progress. On average, our members have experienced an astonishing credit score boost of 125 points within just six months of using Loqbox Grow.


Closing your Loqbox Grow is irreversible
You’d need to sign up with a new membership to activate it again.

It doesn’t stop your membership payments 

They’ll just shift to weekly payments instead. Read more about what happens here.

Yearly memberships retain full benefits until their renewal date, then they’ll switch to free Lite membership.


Simple steps to close your Loqbox Grow:

1. Log in

2. Access 'Grow'

3. Open 'Settings'

4. Select 'Close Loqbox Grow' and follow steps


After settling your account and closing, allow about six weeks for credit report updates.


We're here to support your journey. For queries or guidance, reach out – your credit score progress matters to us!