What happens to my Loqbox Grow account if I downgrade my membership to Lite?

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As a reminder,  Full Loqbox membership provides access to all our features including Save, Grow and Rent helping to enhance your financial wellbeing and boosting your credit score. Members who use all of them average £528 in savings within a year, boost their credit score by up to 300 points in just three months, and gain an 80% surge in financial confidence – fueling their pursuit of financial goals.


If you have an active Loqbox Grow or Loqbox Rent account, downgrading to the Lite membership will mean that these powerful credit-building tools will no longer be accessible to you, and you’ll miss out on the benefits that they bring to your credit score.

Your financial journey is our concern though. If you have queries or need guidance, tap the ‘Help’ button below. We're here for you, and your path to financial empowerment matters to us!