What do I get from my membership?

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Welcome to our membership plans, designed to help you get access to a richer life. Whether you choose our comprehensive Full Membership or the Lite Membership, we're here to support your financial journey every step of the way!


Our Full Membership includes:

  • Loqbox Grow: Grow your credit score with an interest-free credit account
  • Loqbox Save: Cultivate savings and your credit score simultaneously.
  • Loqbox Rent: Leverage your rent payments to enhance your credit history and borrowing potential.
  • Flexi Unlock: After 26 weeks of Full Membership, you can unlock your Loqbox Save savings into an existing bank account for free (usually £30).
  • Points Promise: Get a credit score improvement of at least 25 points, or receive £25 from us!
  • Loqbox Coach: Develop a tailored financial plan with our free personalised financial coaching.
  • Loqbox Learn: Access our acclaimed Loqbox Learn email series packed with useful money tips and financial guidance.
  • Bolt-ons: Amplify your Loqbox Grow credit limit for maximum impact.
  • Priority Support: Our dedicated member support team is available six days a week from 8 am to 8 pm.


Lite Membership includes:

  • Loqbox Save: Grow your savings and unlock into a new bank account for free by opening an account with one of our partner banks.
  • Flexi Unlock Add-On: Alternatively, unlock into an existing account for £30 using our Flexi Unlock option.
  • Loqbox Coach: Enjoy the benefits of personalised financial planning.
  • Loqbox Learn: Receive valuable money tips and financial advice through our award-winning Loqbox Learn email series.