How do I check which membership plan I'm on?

  • Updated

You have a couple of easy ways to find out which membership plan you're currently on:


  1. Quick Link to Check: If you're happy jumping straight in, you can use this  link to manage your membership and get all the details you need in a snap.
  2. Step-by-Step Approach: If you're more of a take-it-one-step-at-a-time kind of person (we totally get it), here's what you can do:
    1. Log in to your Loqbox account, and head over to the ‘Account’ section.
    2. Once you're there, click on the ‘Membership’ tab.
    3. Scroll down a bit, and you'll find the ‘Manage membership’ Click on it.

Ta-da! There you have it – the lowdown on your membership plan, right at your fingertips. We're here to make your Loqbox experience as smooth as possible, so feel free to reach out if you need any more help or info.