What is a bolt-on?

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Let's talk about something that can give your credit score a little extra boost – bolt-ons


Bolt-ons are like a friendly hand-up, giving you a way to increase your available credit and give your credit score a potential boost. We've got three options for you – gold, silver, and bronze.


Choosing a bolt-on means we'll raise the credit limit on your Loqbox Grow account. With a bronze bolt-on, your limit goes from the standard £500 to a cool £1,000. A silver bolt-on takes it up a notch to £2,000, and a gold bolt-on really kicks things up to a whopping £5,000.


The great thing is, you'll still be using your Loqbox Grow account to pay for all your Loqbox products, including your shiny new bolt-on.


Just remember, while bolt-ons have the potential to give your credit score a boost, improvements are not guaranteed. It's all about taking those steps toward a happier, healthier relationship with money, and we're here to help you every step of the way!


If you're a Full Loqbox Member with Loqbox Grow active, you're all set to explore the bolt-ons.