How do I choose which bolt-on I want?

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To dive into the world of bolt-ons, you need to be a Full Loqbox Member with Loqbox Grow active. That's your ticket to a £500 credit limit, and that’s just the beginning.


We understand that one size doesn't fit all, which is why we've created three tiers of bolt-ons to suit your credit-building needs:


Gold Bolt-on: This is your £5,000 credit limit – that's ten times your original limit! It's like having a credit score booster on turbo mode. And guess what? This is +£20 per month.


Silver Bolt-on: The silver bolt-on is here to give you a £2,000 credit limit – that's four times your original limit! Get ready to take your credit score to new heights, for +£10 per month.


Bronze Bolt-on: Doubling your credit limit is a piece of cake with the bronze bolt-on. Enjoy a £1,000 credit limit and give your credit score a friendly nudge at +£5 per month.


You can set up your chosen bolt-on when you start your Loqbox journey or anytime you're ready for that credit score power-up. Just hop on over to Loqbox Grow and hit 'bolt-ons'.


We're all about giving you the tools to build your credit journey your way. So go on, explore our bolt-ons and let's level up that credit score together!