How much does a bolt-on cost?

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Ready to supercharge your credit score with our amazing bolt-ons? Let's dive into the details and find the perfect fit for you.


The Bolt-on Breakdown:


Gold Bolt-on: Want to reach for the stars with a £5,000 credit limit? This is 10 times your standard Loqbox Grow limit and comes at £20 per month.


Silver Bolt-on: Need a power-up that's right for you? This bolt-on provides you with a  £2,000 credit limit – that's 4 times your standard Loqbox Grow limit. It's yours for £10 per month.


Bronze Bolt-on: Enjoy a £1,000 credit limit and watch your credit score soar. This fantastic upgrade is£5 per month.


These prices are in addition to your regular Loqbox Membership fees. Remember, we're here to give you options and help you build the credit journey that suits you best.


So whether you're going for the Gold, Silver, or Bronze, rest assured you're making an investment in your financial future.